with Nancy Rebecca and Yvonne Kilcup


A Professional Psychic is one who has a passion for making deep soul connections with their clients for the purpose of sharing messages, clarity, and spiritual guidance to enhance and uplift their life.

The word psychic comes from the Greek psychikos, which means breath and soul. In Western Cultures, we think of psychics as people who are able to perceive things that are not apparent to others, or inexplicable.

Telepathy and clairvoyance are common psychic abilities. Most people with these abilities use them as a hobby and do not have the education, training and skill to make it their paid occupation. If you have the passion, we can help!

  • 12 teaching modules designed to build your skill level each month.
  • an online format formulated to make this dynamic program available to a state wide and international student audience.
  • facilitation by two full time professional psychics with 20 years experience.
  • instruction about how to do Psychic Readings, Psychic Healings and much more.
  • instruction about how to create sacred space.
  • audio, video and webinar teaching tools to enhance your learning process.
  • a variety of ways to integrate the material as an adult learner.
  • proven metaphysical techniques to take your psychic skill and ability to new heights.
  • instruction on how to become a master meditator, to clear your own energy field and create a clear channel for others.
  • ancient spiritual meditative tools to deeply awaken and heal so that you can be at the top of your professional psychic abilities.
  • a private Facebook group to share your experiences with your fellow students.
  • a private Facebook group to ask your questions as your grow in your psychic ability.
  • monthly live video conference calls to get your personal questions addressed.
  • monthly Group Readings – Nancy Rebecca tunes into the group each month and guides your group through a meditation to heal, balance and harmonize your learning, sent via email link.
  • personal one on one mentoring packages available for an additional fee, with Master Mentor Yvonne Kilcup, for those who really want to push their work to another level.
  • life experience stories to help you integrate the lessons learned.
  • instruction on how to learn what your Professional Psychic Reading style is and how to build on it.
  • instruction on how to learn what clientele you wish to work with and how to build on it.
  • how to create a professional space to do your readings whether in your own home, on the phone, via Skype or in a professional office space.
  • business tips on how to create your own business plan, professionally record readings for your clients, make promotional pamphlets and flyers, create a name for your business, get a business license, and how to purchase a domain name and create a website.
  • our unwavering belief in you as you learn to believe in yourself.
  • a beautiful certificate of completion to frame and hang in your new office at the end of the program!



Module 1

This module sets the groundwork for everything that you will do throughout this full year program. Grounding is the secret ingredient that will help you to establish a firm focused energy field to receive intuitive/psychic information. We at Intuitive Mind want to make sure that you do fully understand the fundamental foundation techniques so that they are second nature to you. A professional psychic must be on top of their energetic game. Training as a marathon runner you must put the time into daily training, slowly building up your strength, endurance, and longevity. On the day of the marathon you want to make sure that you stay hydrated, and nourished. Being a psychic means following “exactly” the same philosophy. IF you truly want to make this into a long lasting profession then training your energy field to channel higher levels of energy and information requires devotion to your craft. In this module you will learn:

  • Grounding essentials
  • Earth energy support
  • Cosmic energy support
  • The value of your pineal as a psychic
  • Your aura, the best kept secret
  • Managing your aura while doing Psychic Readings
  • Staying centered, and neutral when channeling messages
  • Building an unwavering relationship with your higher self.

Module 2


In module 2 we are beginning to build on the first energetic foundations that you learned in the first module. Remember, you desire to be a professional psychic that is highly skilled, precise in your readings, and can channel information for others. These techniques are simple, easy, and effortless, however the power of the techniques in their ability to stir up your own energy blocks can present challenges. In this next module, we introduce you to transformational tools to shift those energy blocks right out of your energy field. Over time you will find yourself mastering this skill and ability. In this module you will learn:

  • Techniques to clear doubt, self-criticism, self-judgment, ego that says you are not good enough, fear of failing, and perfectionism that blocks you from simply being your fantastic self.
  • Techniques to transform any block of energy into pure potential.
  • How to separate yourself from unwanted energies.
  • How to clear other people’s energy out of your energy field.
  • Learn to adjust your chakras to balance the flow of energy through your field.

Module 3


In this module we continue to build on the basic techniques with the ultimate goal of really being able to manage the flow of pure spiritual energy through all of your channels. Remember, being a professional psychic and bringing the best of you forward in each reading you do for the client requires that you be a clear channel for the information. Step by step instructions that will provide a strong foundation for you to begin receiving spiritual information. In the beginning, you will be very excited and then some doubt may come in, but over the year, you will be amazed at how accurate your readings become. In addition, this is where we introduce one of our most unique techniques and that is the Psychic Head Channel Clearing. This is where you will begin to learn to brighten up the psychic channels in your 5th, 6th and 7th chakras to get the clearest images when doing readings. In this module you will learn:

  • Begin to open your clairvoyant channels in your 6th chakra.
  • Location of your life’s path and purpose and brighten it to clear the way for your profession.
  • Locate where your spirit comes in and out of the body.
  • Learn to “see” spiritually from your pineal
  • Learn where your higher soul channels information to you.
  • Learn what the ancients knew about your psychic head channels to enhance precision in your readings.
  • To create sacred space to meditate and do readings
  • How to adjust your chakras to align directly with your spirit, bypassing mental chatter to do readings.
  • How to psychically read symbols and images you receive from spirit.
  • How to read past lives
  • How to answer a client’s questions from a spiritual perspective
  • How to release energy blocks through psychic healing.
  • Learn to clear your own field after you do a reading for others.

Module 4

This entire module is devoted to developing your ability to “tune in” with a fellow student and read their energy field. There is nothing that will develop your confidence in your own intuitive psychic ability than to read another person. You will exchange weekly Rose Readings with a fellow student partner. Each month you will be assigned a new student partner.

In addition, you will learn to tap in and read past lives for yourself and another person. Once you have learned past life skills, then you will learn how to psychically read symbols, images, sounds, feelings, and knowing impressions. Your facilitators are master teachers and mentors inspiring you to want to develop your craft more.

Bonus Training – To boost your confidence in your own intuitive psychic abilities two virtual training sessions will be held in April. Each session will be held on Zoom Conference Call using breakout rooms. Please allow 3 hours for each session. These sessions will be held on April 10th and April 17th, 2021.

Module 5

This module is about the energetic patterns of working in groups. When you begin your professional psychic business most of your work I would imagine would be with individuals. However some of you will be called to work with more than one person at a time and maybe even with larger groups giving talks and teaching. There are so many unseen energetic dynamics with group and team work. This module teaches you to know how you run your own energy while in a group and other energetic games people play. In this module you will learn:

  • Group energy and Group dynamics
  • Team Reading dynamics, lead reader, side reader and energy control
  • Matching pictures. What does the client or group mirror to you?
  • Transmedium energy and its role in group and family dynamics.
  • Truth and Lies. How to energetically tell the difference.

Module 6


In this module you will be working with your own healing energy. In this program you will learn how to do psychic healing from your pineal area, however in this module you will learn to work with your hands to move energy. In this module you will learn:

  • How to brighten up your own healing energy channels to enhance flow.
  • How to channel healing energy through your hands in sequential steps to clear the chakras and energy field of another person.
  • How to channel healing energy when someone is ill and cannot get out of bed.
  • How to work with a Healing guide to assist you in healing.
  • How to do remote healings for others at a distance.
  • How to do a surrogate healing.

Module 7

At this point you have learned so much! Yet, now we are getting down to some spiritual tools that will take your work as a professional psychic to a whole other level! In this module you will learn:

  • How to psychically read what someone’s spiritual contracts and agreements are with another person.
  • How to identify spiritual cords that may be draining you or someone else’s energy field.
  • Why we do not teach cutting cords, but how to gently release them instead.
  • How to work with your own spiritual guides during a reading.
  • How to see other people’s guides and give them information about them.
  • How to clear negative energy from someone’s field safely, and easily while maintaining a strong grounded center.
  • How to clear programming from our parents, friends, past lives, and ancestral lines.

Module 8


Body energies! Male and Female energy channel imbalances are the cause of many health problems. Sexual health is vital to life and yet these channels are also underdeveloped. Creative channels are valuable to create what you and others desire in life. It is emotions that can derail most everyone and in this program you will be able to include the ability to get your clients back on track! In this module you will learn:

  • How to psychically and spiritually view in the body, male, female, sexual, emotional, and creative channels in your own energy field and in others who you are reading.
  • How to repair damaged, or blocked channels and get the energies flowing again.
  • Which chakras are blocking the flow, and clearing those blocks.
  • How to teach your clients about the benefits of working with their male/female energy.
  • How to teach your clients to enhance the health of their sexual expression.
  • Teaching your clients about healthy expression of emotional and creative health.

Module 9

Kundalini energy is a sacred energy housed in the body that was used by the ancient mystics. You have learned up until now how to work with grounding, earth, and cosmic energies and now you will learn the secrets of this powerfully transformational energy. In this module you will learn:

  • What exactly is Kundalini energy, what are the symptoms of kundalini awakening?
  • Where is the main kundalini channel located, and how to clear blocks to the flow?
  • Where are the secondary channels located and how to clear blocks to their flow?
  • How to use spiritual techniques to adjust the flow of kundalini.
  • How to add kundalini energy to enhance your own clarity during readings.
  • How to work with kundalini energy to boost the healing energy.
  • How to turn down kundalini energy and turn it off at night so you can sleep.

Module 10


Land Healing, and clearing houses of stagnant or unstable energies is a skill level that is coming in high demand. Imagine not only are you highly skilled at this point to read any situation but now take your ability to another level with land and houses. In this module you will learn:

  • How to assess a piece of property or home and identify where the energy is blocked.
  • How to stage the work in order of priority when it may require more than one visit.
  • How to identify ley lines, and energy vortexes in the land.
  • How to identify portals to other dimensions and seal them closed when appropriate.
  • How to read the memory imprints left on the land or in someone’s home.
  • How to communicate with nature spirits of the land to illicit their assistance.
  • Learn techniques to assist earth bound spirits to cross over.
  • How to read maps energetically to pin point the source of out of balance energy.

Module 11

The Astral body and the Akashic records are some of the greatest mysteries that only the ancient mystics held the key to. In this program you will be given the keys to unlock this mystery for yourself to be able to do akashic record readings for others. Imagine having this great access to all the information in the universe? In this module you will learn:

  • About your Astral body, what it is and why it is important to know.
  • How to release stubborn patterns from the astral field.
  • How to clear your astral body after it has been in the dream world all night.
  • How to travel in your astral body to other places.
  • What are the akashic records?
  • How to visit the great akashic hall, the birth room, death room, world room and your own personal room filled with everything you would ever want to know about yourself.
  • How to access your client’s room to gain insights during your professional readings.

Module 12


What comes up for you as you move towards blending your abilities into your life? Whether you choose to be a professional psychic, spiritual coach, or integrate your skill into your daily life; This final month of December is devoted to giving you that extra time to catch up with the assignments as well as sending in your final meditation and reading summaries. Breath… you are almost there!

  • 12 Month of Master Courses of Ancient Esoteric Teachings
  • Professionally recorded audio teachings and guided meditations to embody the lesson with each module
  • Video Teachings and video demonstrations
  • Monthly clairvoyant group reading
  • Psychic Mastery private Facebook page
  • Conference call each month
  • One live teaching per month includes guided group meditation.
  • Three free one hour mentoring sessions with Yvonne Kilcup.
  • All the tools you will need to become a professional Psychic
  • Additional mentoring packages available for those who see benefits in mentor sessions.


If you were to pay separately for each item over a year or several years, below is the total investment you would make in your personal training. This would not include the business aspects of becoming a professional psychic.

  • 10 courses at $425.00 = $4,250.00
  • 12 group readings at $400.00 = $4,800.00
  • To purchase the recorded teachings monthly $200.00 = $2,400.00
  • Facebook and email mentoring: $100.00 hour for 20 hours = $2,000.00
  • Twice monthly, conference call and live teaching via Zoom video conferencing = $1200.00
  • Three personal 1:1 mentoring sessions with Yvonne Kilcup = $450.00 Total = $15,100.00

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Mentoring Sessions

In our professional program we focus on assisting you to build a confident relationship with your own soul to gain access to your own internal wisdom. However, there are those times where you would benefit from private mentoring sessions. Click here to learn more and sign up!