Do you have a desire to start a meditation practice? Or are you someone who thinks it’s impossible to meditate; if you have said, “I just can’t relax or turn off my mind” then this home study course is for you.

photo1Or if you desire to enhance your current meditations . . . to cultivate tools to go deeper and establish a consistent practice, this course is for you too. With Intuitive Mind techniques, novice or practiced meditators will expand their personal relationship with spirit, finding their own connections, their own inspiration . . . their own light.

Why is Intuitive Mind different? We believe in empowering spirit to express an Intuitive Consciousness through your human experiences. This is accomplished through proven techniques that develop strong daily meditation practices—adding depth and richness to your everyday life!

By creating a daily meditation practice using the Ancient Intuitive Mind Techniques for one year, you will experience success in your meditations that inspire you to learn, experience, and know yourself more fully.

This class can be beneficial for all—whether you have never meditated before, have taken a variety of meditation courses but have been frustrated about maintaining a practice, or even those advanced at meditation. Your participation is at the level of your soul—your divine spark of spirit—which is already enlightened and delights in participating by walking hand-in-hand with your body as you spiritualize each cell of your being here on Earth. It is your human self that may “buck the system” as you spiritualize it, sometimes exhibiting fear and doubt about your new way of life as your spirit takes the lead. No worries. Through this program you will be supported by the instructors and other members of the group to help you relax and build confidence as you develop a strong meditative practice.

In this program—whatever your experience level—you will be in the beautiful cosmic river of the higher consciousness of oneness. Together we will uplift one another in ease and effortlessness in ways you have not experienced before when attempting to meditate on your own.

The Intuitive Mind Home Study Course includes:

1. Intuitive Mind Ancient Techniques Each month a different technique will be introduced in a variety of formats including recorded lecture, written material, and monthly assignments in calendar format to assist you in deepening your experience and facilitate the integration of the technique into your practice. For example, the Ancient Technique of grounding not only enhances your ability to bring stability to your energy field (and assist in meditation) it also adds stability to your day to day living. Grounding also enables you to release overwhelming feelings and thoughts. Each week we will introduce different scenarios to practice such as being in a crowd, driving your car, working on projects at home or work to increase your confidence in using the techniques on a regular basis.

2. Monthly Assignments will deepen your experience with the introduced technique through a series of assignments sent to you in a monthly/weekly calendar. By working with the assignments, you will begin to deeply know and embody each technique and apply it in your regular meditative practice and in your daily life.

3. Private Facebook Page exclusively for the group will provide an arena to ask questions and share stories with the larger soul group you will be working with throughout the course. Your questions and stories will inspire others, just as they will inspire you. You will get to know—and be a part of—a soul family that is not only like-minded but truly of one heart. In addition, you will feel safe and supported, knowing that Intuitive Mind’s experienced team will be able to answer any question that comes up regarding the techniques. They will offer creative ideas when you may feel stuck as well as an enthusiastic “Like” when you share a personal accomplishment that inspired you!

4. Monthly Conference Call On these calls, three of you will share inspiring stories and also hear uplifting messages from Nancy Rebecca and Yvonne Kilcup, the founders of Intuitive Mind, on how the spiritual energy of the group is shifting and changing as your meditation practice becomes stronger and more consistent.

5. Monthly Group Reading Nancy Rebecca will tune into the higher soul consciousness of the group, Clairvoyantly reading the group aura. You will then apply insights from the reading to your meditative practice to align, harmonize and uplift not only yourself but also the group unity consciousness! Recordings of the group readings will be sent to you via MP3 files that can be easily downloaded.

By the end of the course, expect to have created a meditative practice that will sustain you for years to come. Previous students have reported they began the year eager to be more intuitive; what they did not imagine was that they would also create a strong, stable relationship with their own soul and the God of their heart they now continue to enjoy.

Price $600 for the year-long program or $200.00 non-refundable deposit now, with 12 monthly payments of $33.33. Or, pay the full year in advance for only $500 and save $100.

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Note: Private phone sessions, Clairvoyant readings and healings are not included in the price of the online course. If you desire a deeper personal reading, you may sign up for a private session with either Nancy or Yvonne.

Your spirit is longing for you to experience it a deeper level. We welcome the opportunity to show you how to make the connection . . . and find your own answers, tools, and inspirations.

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