The magic and mystery of some of the world’s greatest ancient teachings opens
the window to the beautiful soul that dreamed you into existence.

Step into the truth of who you really are and wake up to illuminate the path
that delights in showing you the crystal clear way to enlightenment.

You are ready for this next step of your soul’s journey into this new chapter as you
develop your psychic/intuitive skills to levels that most people will never achieve.

You and your abilities as a soul are a light in the world that is being called to move
to the front of the line and shine a light for others as they find their way.
Will you join us?


This Advanced Psychic Mastery Online Program is created for the student who has completed the Psychic Mastery Program and desires to take their work to the next level.  For 2014 we will grandfather in all students who have attended the AIM programs in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  We are also inviting those who have completed all 8 courses and are looking for teachings and meditations to take your Psychic/Intuitive Knowledge to another level.   After 2014, this ongoing online training will only be available once you have completed the Psychic Mastery Program as a course of year long study.

You are part of our history…

We have experience teaching the ancient mystery school techniques as one day courses since 1998.  In 2003 we began to teach 2 weekend courses and now in 2013 we have 9 weekend courses, as well as the beginning meditation Intuitive Mind Home Study course, and the Full year Psychic Mastery Program.

We had our first Advanced Mentoring group in 2007, with 6 courses available in that program where the students met 4 times within the year.  We then added a second year of mentoring with additional courses created from our experience with the first group we mentored.   We learned so much from the experience of group work and obtained even more knowledge from observing the rich depth of learning that comes from working together with the same group over a year’s time.

set2collage-salespage1Over the past 12 years there have been many students who took each class and many times took each class repeatedly because of their love of the techniques and the changes and healing they were able to bring to their lives with them.  Each of you who did this allowed the techniques to guide and teach you every step of the way.

In 2013, we created a body of work based on our years of teaching experience, and named it the Psychic Mastery Program.   We meet 10 times in the year, in the framework of this program, including a year-end retreat.  The program has recorded teachings, as well as recorded meditations, mentoring throughout the year and monthly group readings and healings.

We incorporate much more relationship building to foster unity consciousness within the group.   The result of this first year, is a group of individuals who are highly skilled psychic readers and healers: a group that has also experienced first-hand the benefits of working in tandem with group members on self-healing, healing ancestral lines and a wide range of projects from land to world events; a group that does not feel helpless in the face of the challenges of their own lives or of world events and that has carried an entirely different way of thinking/being into their many different walks of life impacting untold others along the way. We are very excited to offer a framework to keep the work moving forward and the momentum going  for these individuals in their lives and for the good of all beings.

The idea of this program came from hearing the Psychic Mastery Students wishing for more material to keep them excited, inspired and challenged.  We loved the idea!   We personally use these techniques to simply make decisions about our daily life, and also use these techniques all the way up to and including use to impact world events; and we know that this program creates a beautiful platform to pull together all of the ancient mystery school techniques you have learned over the year or years and apply them to a variety of meditations to not only heal yourself, but your world around you.

This Advanced Psychic Mastery Online program is the best of the best of all of our teachings.  A mixture of foundational techniques expanded into a new level of understanding as well as new ways to apply all the techniques you have learned.  Here is what you can you look forward to;

  1. Group Consciousness.  You will be working through the assignments with others in the group at the same time.  This group consciousness uplifts the entire higher soul consciousness.  Your work as an individual not only assist your personally, but everyone in the group.  In the higher understanding, our desire is that you spiritually grow to know that what you do uplifts 100,000’s others each time you meditate.
  2. Beginning in January 2014, each month you will have access to (with private username and password) professionally recorded teachings regarding the ancient mystery school techniques.  Each month there will be professionally recorded guided meditations to enhance your own daily practice to experience the teachings in your own unique way.
  3. Each month, on this membership only site, you will be provided weekly “suggested” assignments to enhance the depth of understanding further building a solid relationship between your spirit and your body.
  4. A Private Facebook page has been created to share your experiences, engage with others in your group as well as a receive mentoring to questions you may have.
  5. set2collage-salespage2Clairvoyant readings, healings, rose readings, healings, and Psychic insight into questions is one of the hallmark abilities of our group.  Therefore having access to this group will provide a team of people to exchange readings and healings with to better understand yourself as well as fine tune your own Psychic abilities.
  6. Monthly clairvoyant Group Reading and voice guided meditation and healing; these group readings are gaining momentum in their reputation to shift your spiritual practice into high gear.  Participating in the Advanced Psychic Mastery Online Program opens the creative door for Yvonne and Nancy to teach during the group readings at an advanced level.  Each month they will tune in to the soul group aura, record the reading and send it to your email so that you too can participate in expanding the entire group to a new level of spiritual exploration.
  7. Once a month we will plan to meditate together at a distance, on one world event and as a group focus healing energy to bring that world event into balance and harmony.  This will enhance your spiritual perspective on unity consciousness and how we are all a part of larger world issues.
  8. Mentoring.  During this Advanced Psychic Program, you will have several options for mentoring.  1.  Mentoring from fellow students who have had similar experiences.  2.  Suggestions on reading materials, and meditation exercises to deepen your understanding of a specific issue you are learning from.  3.  Emailing or phoning the Intuitive Mind office and being either mentored by Yvonne or Nancy or matched up with one of the other Intuitive Mind Staff members who all have 5 years or more of experience.
  9. In this program it is not required to do readings.  However, for those who are wanting to increase your skill level in doing readings and expedite your growth, Yvonne, myself and the rest of the Intuitive Mind team would be happy to review your Psychic Mastery Reading form and provide feedback and insights for growth.
  10. As part of the Advanced Psychic Mastery you will be welcome to join any of the courses for the repeater price of $225.00.  There are many additional experiences you can have in the class room such as learning the position of energy control in the room, learn to work with your Psychic Abilities and read what is going on in the classroom, or practice giving the class healings for two weeks leading up to the class.  All of these additional experiences are mentored by the Lead Instructor for that class, allowing you one on one mentoring in an advanced practice.
  11. Feel into or know where you were before you began your personal journey with these techniques, and then feel/know where you are now.  Confidence to express your soul through every cell of your body will continue to grow each month.  As well as knowing each month you are supported by a very large spiritual family.  Having a framework such as this program will help you to stay on track and move forward with your spiritual practice.
  12. We suggest that you do a personal rose reading and healing on whether this online study program is part of your path.  Intend to place the question into a rose, watch what happens to the rose, then ground, gold, present time and receive the information from your higher self.

We would love to add your spark of the divine to our rapidly building Psychic Mastery Program, illuminating the brightness of this program for all seekers in search of their own light.

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