Nancy Rebecca

Nancy Rebecca, RN

Nancy Rebecca is sought for her expertise as a clairvoyant spiritual reader, healer and teacher.  She is called the “Healers healer” because so many spiritual teachers and healers request her assistance when they desire deeper clarity and insight to their own personal issues.   Nancy had a full psychic opening when she had an out of body experience in 1992.   From that moment she was able to hear other people’s thoughts, see their energy fields, spirit guides and family members who had died.

Before that time she worked as a Registered Nurse for 16 years in Intensive Cardiac Care at St Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma Washington and 8 years as a Hospice Case Manager.

She is passionate about the physiology of the human body and has intense curiosity about what causes illness and what causes some to get better and others not.

Her personal journey was to heal herself and to understand more about her abilities.  Through training at the CDM Clairvoyant Psychic Institute and the Healing Touch Program she became an Ordained Minister in spiritual direction, certified as a practitioner and instructor in Healing Touch.    In 1998 she began seeing personal clients and giving talks to educate the community about the health of their energy fields.

In 2003 she sold all of her worldly belongings because she was spiritually guided to “become portable” and moved to South Africa.  It was there where she deepened her connection to the land, animals and indigenous traditional medicine shamans called “Sangomas”.  (see you tube videos).  Her travels have taken her to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, New Mexico, India, Nepal, and Thailand where she gained enormous experience in indigenous healing, beliefs, and culture.  Gaining valuable experience with all kinds of illnesses to include those believed they were cursed or possessed.


Nancy brings a quality of knowledge to the classroom that comes from pure experience.  She believes with great trust and faith in letting spirit teach her.  She always promises to be open to the highest information and healing for each person and situation and to always be a willing student.  Nancy says that she knows enough now….to know…that she can not possibly truly understand anything with the mind because she is in a human body.  She has seen many things that can not be explained which allows her to bring great openness that anything is possible.

She is living her calling in life and she loves nothing greater than when others can remember that they are spiritual beings first and although our bodies are beautiful temples to house our soul….our body can no longer be in charge.  As a human being we are limited in what we can do; however that part of us that is one with God can do anything!  She is honored to have the opportunity to work with each person and situation as she believes it is all spirit guided.

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